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 Hi, My name is Breda Stackpool and I publish a blog and this eNews.

I use both to give you practical tips and information to help you overcome the stress and overwhelm you encounter on a daily basis while trying to juggle your career, business and life. My blog is based on my personal observations, activities and challenges that occur in my own life but my eNews will give you so much more.

I can connect with you personally giving you ideas that you can implement immediately to help you with some of the challenges you are facing, suggest resources to help you find the solutions you need and give you some actions that will help you figure out where your problems lie.

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                                                                  What the readers say..
"Thank you for your emails, there all very positive. If I was to do just one of your suggestions I'm sure I would see results"

"Thanks Breda!!! Ensuring to maintain faith in yourself is the hardest thing to do when you're a one man band...avoiding the mis-advice is as important as listening to the good stuff...hence listening to your good self..."

"Just wanted to take a sec and thank you, I've been doing some planning/eval and your info was very helpful! Thank you!"

"Very good indeed Breda - I particularly liked the planning template at the end - a very action provoking tool - Thanks, Ken"


About Breda Stackpool,
Formally a full time International Customer Project Manager, Breda made the big jump to help people take their businesses and lives to the next level of their success. She now describes herself as a "th 90 Day Productivity and Performance Coach" and is dedicated to her clients supporting them through their transformations and acts as their guide ensuring the end goal is always reached.  She has combined her business expertise, her 10 year Project Management background working on multi-million projects all over the world with her Master NLP Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Certifications to develop the coaching programmes and workshops  She shares her knowledge through her coaching packages, workshops, blog, newsletters, public speaking engagements and articles empowering people to make small changes in their lives to dramatically change their career, business and live style results.

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